Dark mode for MS units?

Kind of a big deal

Dark mode for MS units?

The reason behind this is a bit off an odd ball but its a feature available on MR units and other vendors offer this feautre.


What is everyones thoughts on be able to enable dark mode on MS units, you can already blink the LED so the feature is possible. What alerted me to the fact is I havea guest staying and they room they are sleeping in happens to have a MS unit (fanless) in there and I though I would disable to LED's before they went to bed.... it turns out you cant but a nice piece of tape over the front solved my problem 


However it got me thinking should this be a permanent feature?

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Kind of a big deal

Re: Dark mode for MS units?



It is important to be able to turn off ALL lights including those on the RJ45 sockets. I do this as a matter of course on other firm's products.

This should extend across ALL products. For example, I have a need to mount MRs on glass/mirrored surfaced wall/ceilings and once it gets dark it looks awful. Which rather detracts from the cool design of the units themselves.

Robin St.Clair | Principal, Caithness Analytics | @uberseehandel
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