Connecting 2 Switches Via SFP Port

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Connecting 2 Switches Via SFP Port

I work for a small private school and we have a Meraki switch, firewall and Wireless system. I have a MS120-24 (Connected to our main hub with SFP Based Fiber) in one of our buildings and have recently purchased and MS120-8FP to power some new outdoor access points that we are installing to beef up our wireless coverage in COVID times. 


I was hoping to connect one of the spare SFP ports from our MS120-24 to the MS120-8 to provide the connection, but the new 8 port switch still is dormant. How do I configure my SFP ports to share a connection?



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Hi Austin,


I do not see any challenges with this connectivity. This should work unless there is an issue with fiber/module.

As you know the Meraki devices will appear dormant on the dashboard until they start communicating with the Meraki Cloud. I understand we shall look towards resolving this.


A few ideas could be?

1. Check the Uplink port configuration/status on MS120-24.

2. Maybe you can try to connect the MS120-8 directly to one of the copper ports on MS120-24 port to see if the device is able to communicate with the cloud.

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