Cloud Monitoring only shows first member of the Stack

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Cloud Monitoring only shows first member of the Stack

We are doing a POC for the Meraki monitoring of Cisco 9000 series switches. We have a stacked pair of C9300's and a stack of 7 C9200's.  When adding them into the Meraki Dashboard, only the first switch of easch stack shows up in the dashboard. 


It is our intentions of shifting all legacy Cisco to Meraki switching, but we would like to have the monitoring solution for the C9000 series to allow operations to keep everything in one tool. 

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@SVTWeb did the tool suggest that all would be added? We have a stacked pair of 9300s that both added fine.

Getting noticed

I've had that issue with a couple of stacked switches. I've re-ran the on-boarding process with one of the affected stacks and now both switches are showing in the dashboard. There is no need to remove the affected switch from the dashboard before re-running the on-boarding process. I couldn't find any reason why they didn't on-board the first time, versions and stack configurations are the same as other stacks that have successfully on-boarded without issues.

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