[Available to Order] Power More Possibilities with the New MS130 Switches

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

[Available to Order] Power More Possibilities with the New MS130 Switches

Introducing MS130!🎉


Designed for high-bandwidth Wi-Fi deployments, these new MS130 purpose-built access switches offer multi-gigabit capacity, advanced security features*, and intelligent power management. They allow you to upgrade your network without the need for costly cabling overhauls, ensuring a seamless experience for your users. 


  • Diverse port options: versatile & compact desktop switches (in 8 and 12 port options) and powerful, full-size rackmount switches (in 24 and 48 port options)
  • Optional 2.5 GbE mGig + 10 GbE SFP+ uplinks
  • Up to 740W PoE+ options
  • Ideal for powering retail POS setup and securing higher bandwidth Wi-Fi deployments for branch and campus
  • Read datasheet here 
  • *Future release: MS130 mGig (-X) models are hardware-ready for the Adaptive Policy feature, with a future firmware upgrade and advanced license.  


Learn more

Read the full announcement blog here and talk to your Cisco Meraki account team today! Don’t forget to register for the webinar to discover how these new Meraki cloud-managed switches empower your organization with enhanced connectivity, increased flexibility, and reduced overhead. 

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Liking to 12 port option, sometimes 8 just isn't enough but there isn't a need for 24. 


Would love to see more mGbe ports though, with wifi-6 now the norm mGbe needs to start becoming the standard port option. 



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I didn't notice this one on the original release - looks like a good option for harsher environments:


Cisco Meraki MS130RCisco Meraki MS130-8P, 8 Port Cloud Managed switch with 8x1G ports and 120W of PoE power available. Ruggedised for use in temperatures between -40°C to 70°C rated at IP30.
Head in the Cloud

Yeah thats a good question ... Where did that switch go ?

The MS130R launched a little bit later than the rest of the MS130 series. More info here.

Getting noticed

Will the MS130 support SecurePort?

It is currently NOT supported at launch, but it is on the roadmap - may be a while.

Well that is unfortunate. This would be the perfect AP switch with it since there are no MS2xx with mGig.

100% correct.

Meraki has made a big "gab" in their switch portfolio here and now.

The MS130 takes the low end (with mGig, but no SecurePort , and thats really too bad 🙂 ) - And the Merakified Cat9300 takes the highend from MS300 and the MS400 series.

But where does that leave the MS200 series. No mGig and the , as far as I remember, longest living current switch. Will there be a Merakified Cat9200 with mGig and secureport that can take over ?

A model citizen

Is there any reason why the 24+ port models dont have physical stacking ports (or do they)?  Would have been an ideal alternative to the MS210.

And secondly do these support Profinet, or are there any plans to across the range?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@Dunky these are in the MS1xx range, so no physical stacking or secondary PSU options.  Good SOHO or local edge switches.

A model citizen

Ahh ok, thanks @cmr 

That's a shame, lets hope they bring out some MS2nn with mgig ports and physical stacking.

The issue i keep coming across is no Profinet Support which limits where we can deploy Meraki switches and have to keep PLC's etc connected to unmanaged 3rd party hubs/switches.  Would love to deploy ruggedized Meraki switches with Profinet support inside the factories.

I really wish they would just support catalyst 9200s. The Meraki switch lineup makes no sense and the MS130 does not help. It is better than most MS2xx models but missing one or two key features of those lineups.

Hey guys, we're working on adding support for more models all the time - the MS130 is just one step on that journey. Stay tuned for more.

The issue is more Catalyst switch management was "coming soon" nearly 1.5 years ago. The MS switch lineup has serious fragmentation issues and the MS130 isn't solving it.

A model citizen

I hear that this switch is targeted for SOHO offices, but at the price point these units fall in it doesn't feel that way in order to get M-gig. Also if we follow best practices and create VLANs you'll need an MX95 in order to get the full 10G uplink bandwidth. So it would be good to either allow the X switches to support L3 or look at a lower cost MX.

Hey there! None of the MS switch lines ups are specifically targeted to SOHO, though they can be used there just fine. The100 series is the access-layer non-stackable option with multiple port-densities. Typical use cases for the lower port densities (compact 8-12 port) are really anywhere a smaller number of ports are needed - think retail for example. There's also no requirement to use an MX of any kind to get 10Gbps uplink bandwidth - an access layer switch will often be uplinked at 10Gbps (or more using LACP bundles) to a distribution or core layer switch where the stacking and L3 would often be. 10G connectivity maybe required within the LAN itself, and not just out to the Internet edge. Hope that helps.

@Brennan_Martin Thanks for the response and I agree I can pair these guys with a core switch, distribution switch, or a third party router with 10G.  But a segment of your customer base is looking for 2.5/5G switch that can be introduced at a lower cost. For me this switch is an introduction for a video studio and their needs which I support 3 currently. In your example (which I take it as an example) I wouldn't need an MS130 I can get away with an MS120. 



Part of my comment got chopped off.

Note that there are also MS130 models like MS130-8P, 24P, and 48P which have identical hardware specs to the MS120 for that exact use case - 1Gbps uplinks, and no mGig. The MS130 line up essentially combines the MS120 and 125 into one series, with the additional option of 2.5Gbps mGig. 

Note that there are also MS130 models like MS130-8P, 24P, and 48P which have identical hardware specs to the MS120 for that exact use case - 1Gbps uplinks, and no mGig. <--- Yyeaahhhh this confused me all together... Why duplicate a switch that is already in the market and is filling a need? 

A model citizen

Just to close the loop with the community I spoke with @Brennan_Martin offline so we could clearly workout what each of us was attempting to say. At this point we are on the same page and I want to thank him for the time he spent with me today.

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