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Assign Static IP Issues

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Assign Static IP Issues

I have a full Meraki stack with a MX-100 and three MS-225s.  I want to assign a static IP to the each of the switches and for some reason, it keeps defaulting back to a DHCP address in VLAN 1.  Any thoughts?



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Re: Assign Static IP Issues

Hello Doug,


Take a look at this article - My assumptions is that you're either putting in the incorrect default gateway or alternatively if you're using the Native VLAN for management don't bother with putting in VLAN information for the static assignment.


Hopefully this helps you out - Let me know how you get on.

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Re: Assign Static IP Issues

It will default back to using DHCP if it can not contact the cloud using the statically assigned IP address.


In the Meraki world - I can't think of a reason why you would want the management IP to be statically assigned assuming that DHCP is available ...

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Re: Assign Static IP Issues

If you want the IP to stay the same you can allocate a fixed IP address under the DHCP portion of the Security Appliance.

If you want a truly static IP you need to make sure that address can reach the internet. A good test would be to give your own laptop the address, plug in via Ethernet and try to ping google ( 


Re: Assign Static IP Issues

I've found depending on how your ports are setup (Trunk / Access) and vlans assigned, you may need to leave the vlan field empty when assigning a static IP.


So, if you Vlan1 is the default and you're on a trunk port - I need to leave the VLAN number off of the WAPs, and leave the field blank actually.   

On the Switches I do have the VLAN1 (or whatever is correct) in the IP assignment.  

This has frustrated me before, since the error isn't specific to say 'bad VLAN' or something more descriptive...  

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Re: Assign Static IP Issues

Thank you very much!

Re: Assign Static IP Issues

Glad it work for ya!