Additional VLAN with reserved bandwidth

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Additional VLAN with reserved bandwidth

Hello community, @marce1000 suggested to post this also here from here


I've a MS355-48X switch in place and want to implement an additional VLAN or SSID with a reserved bandwidth. Right now there are 2 active SSID without bandwidth restricions. It looks like this is only possible with a L3 switch and not with a L2 switch since for VLAN tagging the switch must support IEEE 802.1Q.


Any suggestions on how to achieve this with my current switch?


Thank you for any hint.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Ms switches can do 802.1Q, just configure a port to be a trunk. If you want a layer3 svi on the switch thats also possible with MS355-48X, then you need to enable the routing.


Where is you routing configured now?

Why you want another vlan? Ms switches/vlans cant do shaping.

So you need to do shaping on the ssid or on the router. And you can also do firewalling  on the ssid if needed

I want to have a group of people using a VLAN (or a specific SSID) with a reserved bandwidth to make sure they have enough bandwidth and thus prevent other groups from completely consuming the total available bandwidth.

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