14.19 Switch Firmware is Out

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14.19 Switch Firmware is Out

Seems they skipped a few versions


14.17 Fixes

Bug fixes

  • MS390s could show the incorrect root port in dashboard
  • Fixed an issue where large configuration changes could encounter issues updating properly on MS390s
  • Various performance and stability improvements

14.18 Fixes:

Bug fixes

  • Viewing a MS390's routing tab would result in a reboot
  • Various performance and stability improvements

14.19 Additions and Fixes:


  • MS390s now support RADIUS accounting

Bug fixes

  • When a port's configuration is changed, all switch ports that use dynamic VLAN assignment are deauthenticated and require reauthentication
  • MR44s and MR46s with the MAC address in the following range, 68:3A:1E:FF:F9:63 - 68:3A:1E:FF:FA:46, will not be detected by SecureConnect
  • Fixed an issue where switches would repeatedly send out an excessive number of router solicitations
  • Fixed an issue where under rare circumstances, MS425 fans will stop running which can cause the unit to overheat and power down
  • MS390 dot1x events will now be logged

Known issues once you get to 14.19

Known issues

  • MS390s may show a client's VLAN as "native" instead of the correct VLAN number
  • MS390 port traffic in the UI on occasion can show negative traffic for a client
  • MS390 series switches Max MTU is limited to 9198 bytes
  • MS390 series switches will not display packet details in the DHCP Servers page
  • MS390 series switches do not support the 'next-server' or 'bootfile' parameters in DHCP messages
  • Rebooting any MS390 stack member via the UI will result in the entire stack rebooting
  • LLDP frames from MS390 series switches will use a single system name instead of the Dashboard given name
  • MS390 series switches will not display the advertising router ID for OSPF
  • MS390 series switches with OSPF enabled will default to an IP MTU of 1500 bytes on every OSPF enabled interface
  • MS390 series switches do not support the multicast routing livetool
  • MS390 series switches do not support tagged traffic bypass for voice on ports with a Multi-Auth access policy
  • MS390 stacks on rare occasions will require a manual reboot after the upgrade has completed
  • Dynamic VLAN assignment from a RADIUS server on MS390 series switches must already be an allowed VLAN on the port for it to function
  • MS390 series switches do not currently support the following features: VRRP, SM Sentry, Syslog server, SNMP, Traceroute, IPv6 connectivity to dashboard, Meraki Auth, URL Redirection, MAC Whitelisting, Loop Detection, UDLD, MAC Flap Detection
  • SM Sentry does not support Windows based clients (predates MS 10.x)
  • MS425 series switches do not forward frames larger than 9416 bytes (predates MS 10.x)
  • MS350-24X and MS355 series switches do not negotiate UPoE over LLDP correctly (predates MS 10.x)
  • MS355 stacks upon reboot have a chance that the uplink port will go into STP blocking state (predates 12.X)
  • Switches on 12.28+ will sporadically drop DHCP Offers when a relay is in use
  • L3 switch stacks with multicast routing may fail to route streams through all members
  • MS120s can experience packet loss when forwarding from a 1Gbps to 100Mbps port
  • MS320s may experience reboots when in large L2 domains (predates 12.X)
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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Just to add to this release note. The addition of accounting on the MS390 also includes extra attributes for the endpoint including DHCP, LLDP, and CDP information to assist in greater profiling on Cisco ISE and any other supported platforms. 

CCIEw# 45253 / CWNE# 249 / Principal TME - Meraki Product

Oh cool, does that mean the MS390 is utilizing the device sensor feature from the catalyst underlying switch?

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