Video - Unboxing Cameras and Meraki Mounts

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Video - Unboxing Cameras and Meraki Mounts

Quick short video overview and un-boxing of the Meraki outdoor camera MV-71 and the three Meraki mount options.

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Head in the Cloud

Cool! I for one, really didn't like the outdoor pipe mount. It was tough for us to get mounted, but maybe we just got one with the tolerances a little low or something. The indoor mounts are fantastic though.

BHC Resorts IT Department

What in particular was tough about using the pole mount? Are you able to share a picture of one of your deployments?

Nothing really particular was tough with the pole mount - in fact I think it was the most easy mount option for me and my needs.  I did use smaller hose clamps - since the top rail pipe mast was so small.  BTW the top-rail of a chain link fence makes for a great mast and is low cost - plus protected from the weather.  More photos of the install are in in my Flickr Gallery

Thanks for the share!

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