Occupancy Analytics on MV32

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Occupancy Analytics on MV32

We have another new update to share today -- occupancy analytics is now available on MV32 cameras with MV Sense. Occupancy analytics includes desk and person detection, with detection coordinates and data updated by the minute to provide a real-time view of office occupancy, historical occupancy data, and desk and meeting room level data.


This new functionality helps address customer challenges to managing office space occupancy safely. It can be used to provide real-time visibility into desk and meeting room availability, as well as answer long-term planning questions, like: 

  • How much office space do we need?
  • How many desks and meeting rooms do we need?
  • What will occupancy be during a “normal” work week?


How does it work? Occupancy analytics uses a machine learning model trained to detect desks and people within the camera's field of view. The camera identifies desks, and can determine if there is a person sitting or standing at the desk. The anonymous data is sent over MQTT. 




Occupancy analytics can be enabled on MV32 cameras in the “Sense” settings by selecting the  “Desk Occupancy” option from the Object Detection Model dropdown. If MV sense is not already in use on the camera, then you will also need to enable the Sense API and configure the MQTT broker to send occupancy data to. You can learn more about occupancy analytics, including planning requirements, camera coverage, and best practices in our documentation


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