New! Scrubbing footage in the timeline on the Meraki mobile app

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

New! Scrubbing footage in the timeline on the Meraki mobile app

We're excited to announce new functionality for on-the-go users in the Meraki mobile app. It's now even easier to search video using the timeline scrubber. Working alongside skip forward/backward, adjustable playback speeds and motion search, the new timeline scrubber makes it easier than ever to browse and find the video footage you're looking for. 


To use this feature, simply tap on the timeline icon above the motion events grid to switch to timeline view. From there, you can:

  1. Scrub up and down the timeline
  2. Tap on “Go Live” to access live feed
  3. Tap on a motion recap thumbnail to start watching from the beginning of that motion event




Check out the new timeline and let us know what you think! Remember, you can make a wish from the app via Settings > Make a wish. The PM and Engineering teams thank you for your continuous feedback. 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Love this feature already!!!!

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