New camera install - 'Video access denied' error - any ideas on how to fix it?

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New camera install - 'Video access denied' error - any ideas on how to fix it?

Hi, brand new Meraki installation.  MX, switches, AP's, cameras and sensors.  Everything working great, visible on the portal including the cameras but we can't see video at all, getting a black screen with 'Video access denied' error from admin user account.  Same identical error on all 3 cameras.


Any ideas on how to fix this so we can see the video? 

Thanks, Tom 

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

That would indicate a permissions issue. Are the admins full org admins, network admins, etc?

Hi Ryan, it's the full org admin (main and only admin for the whole system).  As mentioned, everything else working perfectly

same error on all 3 camerassame error on all 3 camerasportal seeing them fineportal seeing them fine

I see the org has local admins and SAML admins. Is the issue happening for both types of admins?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

While @Ryan_Miles is pursuing the permission angle, let me start a tangent.


Are you on an internal network that can talk directly to the camera (so it can stream directly to you), or does it have to use the cloud proxy?

If you are on an internal network, what happens if you connect using a device on an external network (I ask this to see if there is any difference when using cloud proxy in case something on-premise is blocking the traffic)?


What happens if you try the Meraki App on your phone (I ask this one in case it is an issue with your GPU in your machine)?


Local LAN or Cloud Proxy issues wouldn't display Video access denied. When you go to a camera it first attempts a Local LAN stream and says Checking direct stream. If that fails it then tried Cloud Proxy. If that fails it says Cloud stream unavailable.


The access denied message leads me to believe this is permissions based and not a case of reachability. 

Checking this further it appears you're a MSP using this feature


And I see others from your company engage Meraki Support when this question comes up. I see multiple cases on the same topic over the past several months.

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