New MV72 - Optical Focus

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New MV72 - Optical Focus

Optical focus only works immediately after I reboot the camera.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@Porcap what firmware are you running, what is the power source and has it always been this way?

MV 4.13


POE - Installed 1 month ago

upgrade to 4.14 and see if that helps


one of the fixes in 4.14 is


  • Resolved an issue where motor controls could become unresponsive

How do I upgrade firmware on 1 camera?



You set firmware at the network level via the Org > Firmware upgrades page. 

Kind of a big deal

>How do I upgrade firmware on 1 camera?


You have to upgrade all the cameras in the same network at the same time.


To do a single camera you would have to set up a separate network and move the camera into it.

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