Meraki MV Security Cameras - what if they're stolen?

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Meraki MV Security Cameras - what if they're stolen?


This might be a stupid question, but I have no experience with Meraki Security Cameras yet.

The cameras have an SSD to store data locally on the disk, but what happens if it's stolen? Will I lose the footage for good? Or is there a copy uploaded to Meraki's data centres?

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By default, no. However Meraki have launched "Cloud Archive" as an option a while ago. It's an additional paying license though:

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The second generation MV cameras now support RTSP, so you can stream the video to an external NVR and capture it there too.



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If you do not have your video recorded off camera, yes you will loose video footage for good if it is stolen.  There are options to record video on other devices, however there is trade offs to doing so.  One big one is if you use the Meraki Archive license you will have to accept poor video quality, not the sharper image the camera is capable of.  If you stream with RTSP, it seems it can only be done locally to the camera, not across the web, to another location, as far as I can tell for now.

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