MV72 cable install guide video & documentation

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

MV72 cable install guide video & documentation

There is now a video that goes through how to assemble the MV72 cable connection. This is the companion to the written documentation available here. Following this guide will help ensure your camera is able to meet it's IP67 rating for the prevention of water ingress.

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Kind of a big deal

Haha now I want the MV72 Bathtub Cam to be a thing 🙂


Or maybe, for privacy reasons, it should be an Aquarium Cam...

When assembled correctly the camera is water tight. I ran one for a few days in a bucket of water.



Great video! Thanks George!

If putting a camera in a bucket of water isn't standing behind your product then I dont know what is!

Good video!


Bonus points if you did it using an MV.

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