INTRODUCING MV Cameras MV63 & MV93 Series

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INTRODUCING MV Cameras MV63 & MV93 Series


We are thrilled to announce the release of MV63 and MV93 series outdoor-rated cameras. 


What does all of this mean? I’ll keep it simple ⬇️ and you can catch ALL the details in our announcement.


MV63 series is a fixed lens, wide-angle mini dome camera with up to 4K 🤯 video resolution. With a horizontal 102° field of view, and its compact nature, this camera series is primed for deployment in discreet and narrow places for dedicated surveillance. 






MV93 series is a 360° fisheye lens, providing a 180° vertical and 180° horizontal field of view. This fisheye camera can be deployed on ceilings OR can be wall mounted. 



Both MV63 series and MV93 series have:


  • ✴️Outdoor-rated. That’s right - IP67 ✔️ IK10+ ✔️
  • ✴️Flexible storage options, you can deploy either with 256GB or 1TB solid-state storage
  • ✴️Universal mounting options! 😕?
    • With the mounting plate that comes with the camera, any mounting adapter fits these cameras.No DIY or 3D printing needed .
  • ✴️(Third generation) More powerful processor that improves the capabilities of custom ML
  • ✴️External microphone 🎤 switch on hardware. Why does it matter? In addition to disabling audio on the dashboard, you have a ✔️✔️ right on the camera!


Links below for additional and more detailed information on the new camera releases: 


MV63 Series Datasheet

MV93 Series Datasheet 



Already thinking of ways this can deliver a more secure space AND deliver intelligent business insights? / have any questions? 
Let us know in the comments!



Meraki Employee

I'm excited about these new MV options! Thanks for sharing

Kind of a big deal

Awesome @Lola !

Cisco IT Blogs awarded in 2020 & 2021
Kind of a big deal

I like the sound of the outdoor 360 degree camera.  We have been having to put these into custom enclosures.  This is going to be so much easier!

We used them in warehouse environment and stretched the limits of distance from floor to camera.  I have been waiting for an outdoor model

Kind of a big deal

Awesome, still hoping one day a PTZ will happen. Yes a lot of people don't like them but for cameras place in hard to reach places it is a means of being able to adjust the camera without having to organise scissor lifts etc. 


Tree's grow / needs change and being able to adjust a camera remotely in this instance makes a massive difference.
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