Introducing Meraki Sensor Sight!

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Introducing Meraki Sensor Sight!

Meraki Sensor Sight is a brand new integration between MT sensors and MV smart cameras that associates video footage with environmental events. This feature turns any environment into a smart space by offering complete visibility into the digital and physical world. 


Sensor Sight features include: 

  • View MV live stream and snapshots on MT sensor details page.
  • Display MT sensor events on the MV video timeline. 


The full circle connectivity provided by Meraki Sensor Sight enables you to troubleshoot issues faster, increase physical security, automate business operations, and digitally transform your organization. 


If water leaks into your facility or a server starts to overheat, the MT sensor will send an alert and mark the exact moment on the MV timeline so that you can quickly troubleshoot and remediate the issue. MV and MT working better together with Meraki Sensor Sight can also help deliver new business outcomes related to occupancy, space utilization, or workflow automation.


No updates are required to take advantage of this new feature. Head to the Environmental tab on the Meraki dashboard and associate your first MV and MT together. 

For more information or help getting started, refer to the MT documentation.


MV on MT.gifMT on MV_Lite.gif

Kind of a big deal

This is a really great feature! What bothers me a little bit is the following:

MV32Only Fisheye view. Dewarping is not supported on live stream or snapshots


I really only want to see the door-area if the door sensor alerts and not the complete fisheye view.

Thanks for the feedback @KarstenI. I'll share with the development teams. 

Kind of a big deal

@David-H : Excellent feature and intergration !

Inderdeep Singh ( Awarded by Cisco IT Blogs award 2020)
Getting noticed

Customers are loving this feature  My wish  came true

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