A "powerful" new addition to the MT sensor portfolio

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

A "powerful" new addition to the MT sensor portfolio

If you saw Anthony Hizon's post last week, you may have been wondering about that new device he was teasing in the video. Is it a new sensor? What does it do for sustainability and power? Well, wonder no more! We're pleased to announce the new MT40 smart power controller





Monitor, Measure, and Control 


MT40 is an in-line AC wall-powered smart power controller. It connects upstream of the device it's monitoring, in-line with its power supply. MT40 allows user to remotely manage power for the connected device, and monitors and measures several power metrics, including:

  • Voltage (V)
  • Current (A)
  • Apparent power (VA)
  • Real power (W)
  • AC frequency (H)
  • Power factor (a measure of energy efficiency as a %)
  • Energy (kWh)

MT40 samples data every 15 seconds, and sends data to the dashboard every 20 minutes or immediately upon threshold violation. Like the rest of the MT portfolio, MT40 uses a compatible MR or MV gateway to wireless connect to the dashboard via Bluetooth®️ Low Energy.


Alerting, troubleshooting, and optimizing energy consumption


So what is MT40 used for, you ask? A lot! Most use cases fall into three categories: alerting, remote troubleshooting, and energy optimization and sustainability.

  • Alerts can be configured to notify you of anomalous power readings, as irregular power usage can be a sign of improper device configuration or impending device failure. Alerts can also help you identify potential power outages to enable a more efficient response to reduce downtime and impact of lost power
  • From the dashboard, you can remotely reboot devices with the power cycle command. This helps eliminate the need to go on site, or having to rely on non-technical employees to locate and reboot a device that needs troubleshooting.
  • MT40 helps monitor, evaluate and optimize energy usage across devices by benchmarking energy consumption and measuring the effect of sustainability initiatives to reduce energy. MT40 can also be used to turn off devices when they are not needed to further cut energy use.




Get the power in your hands


The new MT40 is available today. We'd love to hear what you think, and how you might use it in your organization! Visit our website to learn more and request a free trial, or dig into the details by checking out the datasheet. If you're headed to Cisco Live in Las Vegas next month, be sure to sign up for BRKNWT-2303 to learn how Meraki MT sensors can help you fast track sustainability and improve operations, and stop by the World of Solutions Showcase for a demo. 


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A model citizen

A sensor that had multiple outlets on it thus allowing us to remotely power-cycle devices would be awesome.  I can see it being expensive to deploy multiple MT40's to a site especially with the licencing.  I would love to get rid of the Schneider IP PDU's !!

Building a reputation

Hmm, there are some vendors of smart PDUs (Assmann, Schäfer) on the market. There are also Industrial and entry level smart Sockets (Netio, Shelly). I am not sure if I would choose the MT40.


It is similar to Ubiquiti, they announced a smart EV-Charger a couple of weeks ago.

Products I would probably not buy from a network supplier.

A model citizen

Any particular reason why the MT40's aren't included in the canned automations?

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