mx100 upgrading to 15.43 causes DHCP storms

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mx100 upgrading to 15.43 causes DHCP storms

We upgraded to 15.42.1 and it caused DHCP storm to occur on all our networks.  And exactly what I mean by that is every DHCP server, whether it is on the Meraki or not, requests all devices get new addresses.

Meraki could not help and so we rolled it back.

We need to upgrade to stay in front of the threat landscape.  But we cant.  We upgraded to 15.43 today and the same thing is happening.

Does anyone have any idea what is causing this or how we can resolve it?  Meraki support could not help last time and I have been on hold for over two hours now. as well as having submitted the ticket at the same time.  The call remains unanswered and the ticket has not been touched.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@Spack : Check this thread 

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@Inderdeep That is also my thread.  Apparently my issue is known but there is no resolution yet.  The MX 100's in certain cases reboot when running 15.x or 16.x.  Cause is yet to be determined.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

A DHCP server can not request a device to get an address.  It can only respond to a client request.


And why would it be an issue even if every device did request to get a new address?  It is something that should settle down quickly.

What was actually occurring is the device was rebooting and then it just looked like everything was re-dhcping. It was an effect, not a cause.


The reboot issue is a little known issue with some mx100 firewalls. They are researching if it is the code causing the reboot or an incidental, like the temp gets too hot and it reboots 

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