malicious redirection

Head in the Cloud malicious redirection

When I try to go to, it takes me to, and I'm getting alerts from Symantec Endpoint Protection.


A high-risk intrusion was detected on Tony Antony Laptop within group Share Group on 3/8/2019 1:24:03 PM.

IPS Alert Name
Web Attack: Malicious Redirection 21


Attack Signature

Targeted Application

Attacking IP

Targeted IP

Targeted Port Number


Kind of a big deal

Head in the Cloud

Yes, that's the correct URL, but my browser auto completes it to the link on my post.  

Kind of a big deal

@tantony wrote:

Yes, that's the correct URL, but my browser auto completes it to the link on my post.  

Just because your browser is auto-completing it doesn't mean it is right. is not correct. 

Head in the Cloud

Thanks, so there's nothing to stop it?  My Symantec scan found no viruses.

You probably mistyped it once and now your browser thinks you want to go there every time. Try clearing your browser history.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@tantony just to make it clear what @jdsilva  is saying ...


You are typing and you should be typing



There is nothing that can be done to prevent you typing in the wrong URL.



@CarolineS or @MeredithW can you please edit the original post and remove the links so they can not be clicked on.  You can leave the actual text.  A high profile "property" linking to a malware site will cause that malware site to be promoted in Google and gain greater credibility.  Additionally we don't want other users actually clicking on the link to the malware.

Additionally can you please forward this to your legal department.  The owners of are clearly sub-squatters and are using the Meraki trademark to advance their position - and clearly they don't have consent to use that trademark.

Done, thanks Philip!

Meredith W | Community Manager, Cisco Meraki

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Thanks. I caught that mistake after a few minutes. I should stop drinking tea before logging into Meraki to slow down my typing :). I also enabled SMS authentication. 

@tantony  What are you mixing with your tea?  We all have made that mistake, thats what makes us human.
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