Z3C monthly cost?

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Z3C monthly cost?

Is there a monthly fee for the Z3C, or do you just arrange your own data plan with your provider?

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Kind of a big deal

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Kind of a big deal

You arrange your own data plan. 


As was mentioned below, you require to Bring Your Own (BYO).


It would be my suggestion to see your Network Provider to see if you can get a Data Sharing plan - what this means if your phone has access to 40Gb of data, you can get a second Simcard for a few dollars a month that uses the same data pool as your Cell/Mobile phone. 

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Depending on where you are based there are a variety of options for this. From shared plans mentioned above to individual pay as you go

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

This question is a little open.


To use a Z3C you need the physical device and a Meraki licence.  The licence is 1, 3, 5, .. years long.  You might buy the appliance outright, lease it for a monthly cost, or get it from an MSP for a monthly cost.  If you buy or lease it then you will also be buying a licence.

The monthly cost of that component is the cost divide by the number of months in the licence.


Now you have the operating costs of whomever you get the Internet from.  You might use a cellular data plan.  You might use fixed-line broadband service.

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