Z3 and Internet Speeds

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Z3 and Internet Speeds

We've deployed about 20 Z3s to remote employees over the last few months.  For the most part, things have been working really well.


With a handful of devices, we've noticed a problem where the throughput seems to drop as the work week progresses. A connection will go from 100 Mbit/s + to somewhere around 3-5 Mbit/s.  A device reboot seems to correct the problem.


Has anyone else noticed anything like this?  Any ideas?





Kind of a big deal

You are seeing this behavior with wireless or wired or both?



Thanks for asking.  I forgot to add this on the problem description.  This is happening with a wired device.

Kind of a big deal

I'm not aware of any 'normal' networking causes for what you describe.  It doesn't sound like packet loss from a duplex mismatch, for example.  And it is obviously not a wireless issue that could have those symptoms. It seems more like a software bug in the Z3 perhaps.  Something like a memory leak or overflowing sessions table over time, etc.  I would open a case with Meraki and they may suggest trying new/beta firmware.



Yeah, I'm thinking this might be something support has to dig into.  I'm hoping this might be a known bug and they can direct me to a FW to try.  


I'll post back with the outcome.



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