Security Center MX Summary

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Security Center MX Summary

Hi Folks,


I am new to this meraki dashboard. I have noticed there is a section under the Security Centre that shows all the events of the Most afffected Operating System. I want to know what these events are and is it affecting operating systems within my domain or are these remote operating systems?


What about the unknown Operating Systems?


most affected os.JPG

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Hi @lawrie , the list of countries on the right and external IPs are a list of external threats that the MX has detected and hopefully blocked.  Worth clicking through and identifying what’s been happening.


The list of devices at the bottom, Windows and Unknown are OS types on your network. If you click on the unknown ones it should give you a list of devices and IP addresses so you track them down on your network.

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Hi @UCcert  Thanks for the explanation. I have tried clicking on the Unknown OS types but nothing happens. All i see is a red line next to the Unknown OS label.


As far as i can tell these threats are allowed by Meraki. I assume these files are scanned by Meraki before being allowing into my network?

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A little bit of background from Merakis documentation:


This should answer some of your questions.

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