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Working from home

I am working from home due to Covid-19 and we use Pulse Secure as our VPN client. When I connect to the wireless through the MX60/MR34 the VPN is blocked which is connected to my Actiontec gateway.  When I connect to the Actiontec Gateway wireless my VPN connection goes through.

Is there a way to allow the VPN traffic to go through the MX as my Actiontec is only 2.4 GHz and I want to use my Meraki MR34 5 GHz.

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Kind of a big deal

Unless your specifically blocking it with the MX or MR, it should work.
Do you have firewall rules in place already?
Nolan Herring |

No I have no firewall rules in place at all.




Are you using any sort of AutoVPN by chance? Also check the wireless access control / firewall settings.

Any AMP/IPS/IDS enabled? Layer 7 rules anywhere etc.
Nolan Herring |

Try putting the SSID into bridge mode if you are not already.


For firewall rules look under Wireless/Firewall and Traffic shapping.  Make sure you select the correct SSID at the top when looking at the rules.

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