DHCP Reservations and CSV import file

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DHCP Reservations and CSV import file

Hi folks, wanted to add some information on Meraki and using CSV files to import DHCP reservations.

I found this process problematic, and found very little to no useful information on it when searching procedures.

What I discovered on my own was that if  created my 3 column "client name/Mac address/IP V4 address" spreadsheet in excel, did a save as, selected the first CSV save option, saved the file and when I would do the import, it would always failed to save properly in Meraki after import with a warning about improper characters.  

I was able to resolve this, and thought I would give the simple solution for other people saving from excel that might run into the same issue.

When saving from excel, if you do the "save as" using CSV UTF-8 (comma delimited) [the first csv option]  the file doesn't work for importing into Meraki DHCP.   If you take the same file, and save it as  CSV (Comma delimited) [the second csv option]  then it works fine.  I've heard of other people having the same issue and solving it by adding quotes around all the data fields in their spreadsheet, which may work, but is a LOT of work, leading people to not use the process.   I just wanted to add a place for people to find this quick easy solution.  

Works great and makes the process useful for me, which can be important if you're converting a large site to Meraki.

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Also, since I saw no examples of the CSV format for RSVP imports, thought I would post this small table example of a working CSV  import format.  I've found reservations particular useful for items like printers where a large part of the user population may need to access a "static" address.  Having devices like that on DHCP reservation  is just a lot easier if you have to re-IP a site in the future, or a device needs to be moved to another subnet/segment.


Sales Laserjet58:20:B1:4E:1E:4310.79.70.10
Projects LaserjetA4:5D:36:61:60:5310.79.70.11
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