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Can we configure both site to site VPN as well as enable client VPN sever in a single MX64 device.



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Correct, all with a single public IP.

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you sure can, albeit the client vpn (when using Windows built in client) - is a bit of a nuisance as Windows 10 has a 'feature' that causes the setting to default back to values that stop it from connecting.


We've pleaded and begged Meraki to bring out a proper client software and as far as i'm aware we are all still waiting 😞



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Meraki Employee

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Connor here from Meraki Support.


Of course! Any issues feel free to reach out to support or reply to this thread, just make sure if you have an upstream NAT that you forward UDP 500 & 4500 to the MX, if the MX WAN has a public IP, you won't need to do this.


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Connor Loughlin
Network Support Engineer

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Thank you sir

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