AMP blocking

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AMP blocking

Have an MX84 with firmware:  MX 13.36


Cannot run Windows Update (on either Windows 7 or Win 10) with Threat Protection on.  Disabled AMP & changed IPS to Detection Mode and it works.


I attempted to make the following AMP whitelists, but without success:




I can also document the issue from linux with:



That fails with AMP on, and succeeds with AMP off, so I know it is not an issue with any of the Windows workstations.

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Kind of a big deal

We have 14.19 and 14.27 on hundreds of MXes. No problems. 

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I know MX13.xx has some issues with AMP, particularly the Whitelist. Meraki has done a lot of work in the MX14.xx firmware revisions to improve this and has worked from my observations. I would suggest trying that out for you. Maybe try updating a test environment first to make sure it doesn't have a bug that might cause an issue for you.

Any issues I should be concerned about with switching production to a Beta firmware??? I worry even typing that on Halloween....

@khowanitz You dont happen to have any content filtering rules blocking Windows updates do you?

@khowanitz I find that Meraki's beta firmware releases to be quite stable. I would highly recommend testing before changing firmware revisions, but that would be for beta or stable.

Getting noticed

Not exactly the same, but we have a MX100/13.36 and as far as I know, we have never had any windows updates issues.  We set up new machines constantly and we would notice if windows update was not functional.  AMP = enabled and IDS = detection/balanced.

No whitelist.

2 deny layer 7 rules


Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I'm with @MacuserJim - move to 14.x code.  We have a large number of customers using 14.x.  It works well.

Kind of a big deal

We have 14.19 and 14.27 on hundreds of MXes. No problems. 

I have updated to 14.34 then turned Threat Protection back on. (Enabled AMP & changed IPS to Prevention Mode.)


Windows Update is working properly.



I'm running MX with v14.39 and in Prevention/Security mode.


Can't get sccm to work without Whitelisting the machine being imaged.  Added the IP's for the SCCM server but still blocks.  Getting mostly MALWARE-Other Executable Control Panel file download.


Anyone have any luck in Security mode?

The only way I was able to get it to work was to upgrade the firewall firmware. 😞  Sorry!!

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