VPN timing out and giving L2TP error


VPN timing out and giving L2TP error

I know this is just a repeat of what is out there now, but Meraki has stopped responding to the older threads from today and I want to make sure it's top of the list for them.

We are still experiencing system-wide VPN failure even after today's "fix".



I have an open ticket Case 07767820 in RE to Windows Event Viewer shows the error: CoId={60E296BA-2EC7-0006-AEB4-EB60C72ED801}: The user SYSTEM dialed a connection named *** VPN, which has failed. The error code returned on failure is 718.


The tech Steve Duarte has no reply to confirm that Meraki marked this issue as fixed. I have been no the Tech Support queue for more than two hours with no tech responding. This issue impacts the business, and I need an answer if you solved this situation or is still open. Any update on this issue?

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Hey team,


My deepest apologies for the delays. We have been catching up on all the cases raised during the outage and we are still working our way through them. 

To my knowledge at the moment the outage has been addressed and is no longer service impacting. Further issues should be triaged separately.


@NABLAyasser , I reached out to you via the case number you provided above.

@Techsupports , if you are able to share the case number via direct message, I will do the same. 


Many thanks for your patience here!


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