VMX100 VMware intergration


VMX100 VMware intergration

Anyone have an idea if the VMX100 will be intergrated with VMware and where this is on the roadmap? 

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I don't have an idea. I'd recommend using the "Make a wish feature" within dashboard and also reaching out to your local Meraki sales rep if you have sales opportunity which is pending on this feature.

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Kind of a big deal

I don't think this is likely.  With the Amazon and Azure products the Meraki "Intellectual Property" is protected.  You can get at or see the raw disks (or the machines) to get the intellectual property.


If it was on a private VMWare server you could ...


I've been wanting this forever.  But I don't know what they would do about it as you could put big hardware into the host and get better performance,.


I simply want a device that can handle a 1Gb connection that is more and more common these days WITHOUT spending a ton.

Kind of a big deal

The physical MX's have their maximum throughput software limited.  They could easily do this to a a virtual version as well.

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I also would love to see this. I think it would revolutionize how one does hosted Firewalls. But alas for right now it's not on the horizon. Sad 🐼
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