Getting noticed


Anyone with possible help asap!


Why are my clients unable to connect to Microsoft Update service server?


Getting noticed

issue resolved

i just have to disable AMP and we are good to go.

You can also whitelist *.microsoft.com 

I had to do the same for apple and MacOS.

Kind of a big deal

What firmware version are you running? This is especially prevalent with 13.x. Simple fix is stop then restart AMP. Better to upgrade to 14.x.

Meraki Employee

@samgbuyi Firmware 14.39 or 14.40 has many issues resolved with respect to AMP. So, upgrade the MX to one of those and test again. Also, whitelisting a client bypasses AMP. So, you can whitelist temporarily until upgrades are complete and change back to normal

Kind of a big deal

There was a specific issue in the last 7 days when a bad signature was pushed out that triggered on a Microsoft update.  It affected a lot of MX customers.  That signature should now be fixed, so you should be able to turn everything back on again.

@PhilipDAth  Thanks I had that issue last week, security centre gave enough info to determine it was a false positive. 

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