Template, Local override for NAT Traversal?

Getting noticed

Template, Local override for NAT Traversal?

Hi everyone,


i have some spoke MX, bound to a template, auto generated VLANs.

Currently one single spoke is not able to do automatic NAT traversal, so i think i need to specify a forwarding manually.


Question is: Is it possible to configure this specific device, without removing it from the template?



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I don't think this is possible.

Getting noticed

So i could try to set all of them to a manually set port, or i cannot use auto generated VLANs because some MX are in the template, while others are not...


I forget that manually NAT Traversal needs an IP Adress AND port specified.

How it is supposed to work in a template? Obviously you can't have multiple different networks with same public IP and port.
It would make more sense to only specify the port while using the dhcp given public ip.

Dashboard page is misleading...

You are forced to specify an IP address in the template, but its ignored afterwards, you can also use

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