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Syslog events

Getting noticed

Syslog events

Hi Merakiers!!!


I hope that you are doing well 


I have a doubt and I haven´t found out something official from Meraki.


Let me explain me:


I have syslog servers on all my MX around the Country and I have been receiving logs regarding with URLs and the type regarding Meraki es "url" but I´d like to apply a kind of category like Cisco where i have different levels of syslog messages regarding the severity of them... But I don´t know how to remark this kind of log what level do I have to use??  

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Re: Syslog events

I thinknyou just get all there is to offer, judging by the volume we get id say it is around information level.  Just use the SIEM solution to filter them.

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