Community Platform Update: Sticky nav, kudos button change, bug fixes

Community Manager

Hello, all!


We continue to make adjustments to our redesigned community based on your feedback (and the feedback of our UX team). Here are the latest:


Most noticeable changes:

  • Sticky left nav & header
  • Kudos button change


Minor fixes:

  • Replies: Odd placement of “i” on when replies auto-save
  • Header: Sometimes swaps to Meraki Go header
  • Header: Notification count indicator should be a link
  • Left nav: Doesn’t always remember collapsed state
  • Learning Hub: Title should be outside white box
  • PM Inbox: Make private message UI more usable on mobile (adjust padding)
  • Technical Forums page: Forum titles don’t appear clickable


I’ll spare you the details of the minor fixes, but here is a bit of info on the two most noticeable changes:


Sticky left nav & header

Previously, as you scrolled down the page, the header & left nav stayed in place, which required scrolling back to the top to access them. Now the header & left nav are shown no matter how far down you scroll, for easy reference and navigation.


Note: When in a very narrow window, such as on a mobile device, the header and left nav are NOT sticky.


Kudos button change

The kudos button is now just the kudo icon (“up” arrow in a circle), without the extra box around it. The button is now gray by default (when you haven’t yet given kudos) instead of blue. This makes the kudoed / unkudoed state more obvious and also reduces visual clutter.


Previously Now









As always, please let us know any feedback in the comments below.