Securing 3rd party cameras on my Meraki network.

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Securing 3rd party cameras on my Meraki network.

I have a number of offices/buildings throughout North America.  Seems each site decided to go with their own flavor of security cameras vs consulting with IT and getting any sort of input.  The only thing in common is that the cameras are on our production Meraki network.


Setting up a dedicated VLAN would be the easiest method to isolate them from the rest of our production network traffic.


Is there anything I am missing ?  Besides converting them all to Meraki....  My next implementation will be all Meraki cameras.



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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

A VLAN is a good option.


Using group policy is another good option, and tagging each camera (you can often identify these by the MAC address then begin with).

If the cameras don't need to talk to the Internet or other sites you could also simply use the "Block" option.

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