3G/4G connectivity


3G/4G connectivity

Dear all,

 I need assistance on how to enable 3G/4G cellular network, i plug my vodafone k5160 in MX 68, but i can't any place to enable this modem or to see the signal to indicate it  connect. kindly help me


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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

is your dongle in the list of "supported usb modems"?

Kind of a big deal


Getting noticed

When you insert a supported 3G/4G USB modem (dongle) in your Meraki MX USB port, it you display it's status on Security & SD-WAN | Appliance Status

There is no much else you can do. You can't manage anything related to your dongle like signal status or IP assignment. The only thing you can assign is a Bandwidth limit

So, if you are gonna use a USB dongle, you should pre-configure it with a private IP address from your local subnet, like This way, you can still manage the internal web portal your modem probably has and check things like signal status or SMS.

Algo, your Dongle connection should be bridged, with NAT, firewalling and it's onboard WIFI DISABLED.



Kind of a big deal

Before you start working with the USB issues, I would make sure this device has been connected with a WAN connection and has firmware updates.

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