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I trying out an mx65 appliance out in demo, but there is a feature i don't seem to find in the dashboard and that's a realtime traffic monitor.

I am using watchguard appliances so far and with them i have a realtime monitor where i can check the reason why a site or app is blocked by the firewall either inbound or outbound. 

Perhaps i'm overlooking the option in the meraki dashboard?


Also, is there an option to specify wich traffic is logged, be it in the dashboard or to a syslog server? so far i can see only blocked traffic being logged.


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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Alas there is no such feature.


You can check "Security & SD-WAN/Security Event Centre/Events" to see things blocked blocked by the AMP or IPS engine.


To see access-list entries blocking traffic you need to use an external syslog server.

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