Reroute a public range from WAN 1 to WAN 2

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Reroute a public range from WAN 1 to WAN 2

Hey guys,


Learning Meraki and came by an idea I can't find answers on.


Think of a single site with an MX68 that's using both WAN ports to two different WAN technologies to the same ISP. I have a public additional range routed via static to my WAN 1 connection IP and then use NAT 1:1 to my internal servers. If say WAN 1 was to go down and my MX68 fails over to WAN 2 connection how can i get the additional public range to re-route to the WAN 2 link via the ISP? I understand Meraki can do BGP which is a suitable protocol for re-routing the public subnet however on Meraki that's only available via Passthrough mode not Routed mode.

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This would depend on how your ISP handles the two connections. Have you asked them?


We usually handle two WAN links to the same customer as primary/backup, so when one fails, address ranges are routed to the second link.

The ISP would treat each of the two services independently. They have the option for additional IP's via static or BGP however they wont be able to static route to both my services (even by adjusting AD) and i cant see how to configure BGP on the Meraki for this purpose.
Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

If they are independent then I'd look at DNS for rerouting as I wouldn't have thought you'd be able to get the IPs moved.

As far as I can see, BGP cannot be used for this purpose on Meraki, unless something has changed since this post



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