Recomendation between Z3C and MX64W

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Recomendation between Z3C and MX64W

First, let me preface this by saying I'm not a networking guy, but am loving the Meraki equipment.


My boss is wanting to set up him home and personal shop using Meraki equipment and I have already placed some wireless MR76 access points in his shop with a MS120 8 port switch to power them.  He is currently using an old Netgear Nighthawk wireless ap/router for his home and is looking to replace it with something from Meraki as well.


He doesn't really need the VPN functionality as pretty much 99% of our accessible data is in the cloud and not in our main business building.  So I'm looking for what equipment you would recommend for his house.  I'm assuming that the Telecommuter Z3C series is cheaper then a MX64W and I'm sure that not all of the features of an MX would be applied at his house.


Would there be any speed limitations between the two devices when used on in a home environment where say he has a 300Mb connection?


Any pros or cons between picking one or the other?  And any recommendations for wifi access points to cover his two story house?  That is one reason I'm looking at the wireless versions of these as it can be one access point to cover the basement and then just getting a couple of access points to cover the upstairs.




Your help is greatly appreciated.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@JoeGoff : Here the comparison 




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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Hi @JoeGoff 


Have a look at the Meraki MX sizing guide


Id personally go for either the MX67/68 as you’ll get that little bit extra umph.  One of them also comes with onboard PoE ports.

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Kind of a big deal

If you’re looking to install more than one wireless AP then I’d stay away from the MX-W models. The wireless in the MX operates independently to the MR wireless. So if there is going to be a few devices you’ll want them all to be MR - that way roaming will work correctly, as will the auto power and channel, and it will be easier to configure.


I’d be thinking MX67 (the ‘C’ model if you want cellular backup) + MS120-8FP (you might well need the FP with three APs) + MR (of some form).

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