Real time stats on MX / dual WAN

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Real time stats on MX / dual WAN

When you have dual wan connections, you aren't able to see upload and download bandwidth separately. 


To be honest, the fact that we have so little actual "real time" information inside the MX is already embarrassing even with a single WAN.  When you add a 2nd WAN, the separate upload/download charts dissapear, and you just have one utilization line chart. 


$50 home routers do a better job reflecting real time utilization, it is just a shame that Meraki doesn't seem to understand the tools that we need in the field.


Please, give this some consideration.  It would be great to see something like iftop on linux on the MX, and I'm sure the capability is there already.  We NEED better real time visibility.  2 hr window is not fast enough!

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Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 11.01.09 AM.png


MX: Security & SD-WAN > Appliance status >Uplink


It's not great but it does give you some info

Thats exactly what I'm talking about.  You don't have upload and download on that screen because you have dual WAN.

Ah yes I see, I just looked at my Z3 deployment and yeah I have Total and Download.

...and this is no where close to what we need for good real time visibility. I want to see how much bandwidth each client is using in real time. This graph just lumps everything together, making good diagnostics difficult.

And I guess that's where Insight comes in…

I've not used Insight.  Does it show real time usage information?

Kind of a big deal

@lpopejoy wrote:

I've not used Insight.  Does it show real time usage information?


We tend to just go into "clients" and look at the "last 2 hours" graph, often the user with the highest bandwidth over the last 2 hours is the user who is hogging the connection at the present time. Although it's quite rare we have to look at it now we have decent bandwidth and QoS rules, there should be more real-time visibility.

Yeah, real time would be great.


What kinda QoS rules have you found that help the most vs an overall per-client global bandwidth limit?

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