Purge/Clear client entry from the Network-Wide Client list


Purge/Clear client entry from the Network-Wide Client list

Is there a way to Purge/Clear client entry from the Network-Wide Client list?

What is the length of time that needs to pass before the Meraki dashboard considers them expired and removes them?

Can that process be preempted?

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

You could investigate the GPDR support.



You could also have a play with the group policy visibility option.



You could clone the network, move all the devices from the old to the new, and delete the old network, and it will start with no data.  This would remove all the data immediately.

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

The Clients page displays client entries for the last 30 days as maximum.

If the target device is offline for longer than 30 days without generating traffic in the network, It would not be listed on the page anymore.


If you need to make the feature available to remove the individual client entry and the usage data from Clients page by manual, you may open a support case and ask to enable it from backend.


Hope this would help you out!



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The only time I've seen them last longer than 30 days, is when the device happens to have a custom policy applied to it. In that situation where it still shows up in the 'Clients with a Policy' page, it always says 'Device removed from network'.
Nolan Herring | nolanwifi.com

hello, i have one question about the API, what its the refresh interval for 

this its because I need the data for create reports, however, in my reports they ask me for an interval of at least 10 minutes, it is possible that the api will refresh the data of the traffic of the users who connect to my Access point in that interval, since I visit pages but it does not show me changes. API as such, I thank you very much in advance for your valuable answer.
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Looking at this on a wider view,   there is no way to clear statistics on a network without creating a new network and moving the appliance.   Sometimes you just want a fresh look.  As a Enterprise Administrator the ability to do this would be helpful.




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