Profile update doubling file extension to profile.xml.xml

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Profile update doubling file extension to profile.xml.xml

Has anyone noticed that the profile update on the AnyConnect VPN settings is downloading the file to the clients with a double extension. I uploaded a file called "myprofile.xml" and the file downloads to the clients as "myprofile.xml.xml". This is not updating the client settings properly.

Since my Host Name is the same in the XML file with each update only one option appears in the drop list when the AnyConnect client is started.  It seems to randomly pick which settings to use out of one of the profile xml files.


I have a work around where I just upload the file without the .xml extension, but would rather not have to remember to do this on the rare occasion I have to perform an update.

Kind of a big deal

I just checked - and I have had that happen to!

Kind of a big deal

@JordanCNolan : So you have the workaround right ?

Inderdeep Singh ( Awarded by Cisco IT Blogs award 2020)

Yes, at the moment if I want to update MyCompanyProfile.xml I will just upload MyCompanyProfile with no extension

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