Problem access Internet MX67


Problem access Internet MX67

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Hii.. Iam Sigit from Indonesia


I Have a problem with my device Meraki MX67, My device is already 2 Service (1 MPLS and 1 Internet) and then when user connect to Internet access the speed connection very slowly for the access, If I change to router 1800 Series (Old Device) always smooth running and don't have problem anything Internet or MPLS. 


Please Let me know if have case like me


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could you provide some more information on how you made the configuration on the mx?


Hii rwiesmann..


For the configuration Only layer 7 Rules = Software & Antivir updates, Web social and Music


Kind of a big deal

Couple of things:

  • Make sure the configured bandwidth corresponds to the uplink. In other words based on what you say you configured, make sure that the MPLS connection is indeed connected to WAN 2 and the slower connection to WAN 1.
  • Might also want to make the MPLS connection the primary one.
  • Also activate load balancing (unless you specifically want to reserve the MPLS for certain applications).
  • Perhaps you could also lower the list update interval, but I don't think that that will have much impact.
  • Play around with the per-client bandwidth limit to make sure it's not just a single user hogging up all bandwidth.
  • And lastly, you may want to take a look into trafic shaping, because your links are not fast, so you would benefit a lot from it. At least try the default shaping rules.
Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

What is your  internet speed on mpls  and internet?


Did you limit the wan bandwidth in the mx? 


Check the duplex  setting on the interfaces of mx and conncted  routers


MPLS 4Mb Dedicated and Internet up to 2Mbps 


Already limit Wan 1 down=2Mbps up=0.5Mbps Wan 2 down=4Mbps up=4Mbps and Fullduplex


Kind of a big deal

Have you configured the MX to use the WAN port that the Internet is connected to as its primary WAN link? 


If you are plugging in an Ethernet based Internet circuit is it using auto/auto for its speed and duplex, and if not, have you matched it correctly on the MX WAN interface?

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