Polycom VVX410 - Headset issues.!!

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Polycom VVX410 - Headset issues.!!

Hi guys,

I'm at my wits end with one of our staff. He claims his calls drop or the volume fades out mid call when using a headset, but not when using the phone handset.

We have tried changing all the components - headsets (variety of models), phone, desk location (so different leads/ports/wiring) and extension (he used a colleagues phone & extension number for a while). He continues to have issues. Other users of the same components and desks do not report the same problem.

Our IT services are outsourced to a support company, but we pay for a low level of service and they have pretty much washed their hands of it - they have politely suggested the user is the issue.

User has now reported the matter to Director, who expects me to "just get it sorted".

Any suggestions or advise would be very gratefully received.

Kind of a big deal

This doesn't sound like anything to do with your network.  It sounds like it is the user.


Do they have a hearing aide or some other device for hearing assistance?  I think getting them to have a hearing check would be a wise idea.  They may have an actual health problem that is not related to the equipment.


Can you enable call recording for their extension?  If so, can you hear any problems in the recording when they report an issue?


Do you have the capability to have a supervisor listen in on calls?  If so, can they hear a problem when the user reports one?

Kind of a big deal

Interesting challenge.  Not sure why you are posting in the Meraki Community, but my suggestion is to carefully think through and document your troubleshooting methodology to rule out or (rule in) various components (including subjective end user).  


It seems you have covered most things, but:


- Have you observed the problem yourself?

- Is it reproducible? i.e. how often does it happen giving you a chance to "catch" the problem.

- Have you enabled call recording or pulled packet captures that may let you listen to the audio stream for further analysis or confirmation of the trouble?

- Have you considered the trouble may be with the other party this user is communicating with?


Good luck.



Kind of a big deal

@Kevin236 : This is not Network issue, yes i saw these kind of issues on various communities. I think you need to reach out to Polycom for this. Have a look below 




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Are you able to do a few calls on the user's extension / hardware and see if you can replicate? Or be next to the user when it happens and be able to listen?

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