Network saturation, high latency, high loss; why can't I get an alert for these problems?

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Network saturation, high latency, high loss; why can't I get an alert for these problems?

Why can't I get an alert for network saturation, high latency, and/or high loss situations?  This seems like a no brainer.  

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I'm wondering how I would even go about designing the GUI to do that to fit a wide use case.


Fortnately you can get info info easily from the API.  Some options are: 


@PhilipDAth , not sure how it's a wide use case or require changing anything in the GUI in terms of loss and latency. You already get that information in the MX. Should be just as simple as adding it as an option under Network-wide > Configure > Alerts. If we can get an option to say "Send e-mail when a port has been down for 5 minutes", you should be able to add something similar for loss and latency (i.e. if you detect 5% loss for 10 minutes).


Network saturation on the other hand, that's a heavier lift and I do agree with you there @PhilipDAth, that is a much wider use case.

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Yeah, it's not rocket science.  They obviously collect the data.  Implement a threshold and add it to the alert page.  I'm sure the devs at Meraki can figure it out. 


Even on a network where I have the overpriced Meraki Insight add-on, I still can't get a simple alert for this incredibly common problem. 


What really boggles my mind is that I have to even ask for this seemingly basic alerting function for a common network issue...and I'll probably be ignored (or patronized and told to submit a wish) and never get it.  None of my wishes ever come true.  Even for the most simple, obvious, no brainer tweeks or additions. 


I love a lot of things about Meraki, but things like this really piss me off and make me wonder WTF is going on in the design meetings.   When I say I have a "love/hate" relationship with Meraki, this is exactly the type of thing I'm thinking of when I think about all the hate. 


I don't want to have to learn how to query the API just to get bare bones basic alerting on a very common network issue.  I have a million other things on my plate, like most of us do. 

And network saturation shouldn't be that difficult either.  I already input the maximum bandwidth for each WAN on the traffic shaping page (A).  The MX already records and reports on real-time (or near-time) usage (B).


If B >= (A - X) for more than Y mins, then send alert.  


Let me pick X and Y.  


"Wide use case" for any alert is easily accomplished by letting the admin pick the threshold/s.  But I'm sure the devs at Meraki can/already have figured this out.  Whey they refuse to do so is a never ending source of Meraki hate for me. 


Phillip, you had the same concern when I complained about this same lack of alerting for high-CRC and packet loss, last year.  Again, it's already reported on in the switch page of dashboard.  The simple, obvious solution is the same.




They even have thresholds already defined for CRC and packet loss that light up with different colors in the dashboard, but no option to get an alert for this common network condition either.  F***ing pathetic! 


Why?  Seriously, this sh*t is so aggravating.  We pay WAY too much for this kind of half-baked design and lack of any real/meaningful response from Cisco.


I've seriously come to conclude that Cisco is simply being stingy with data.  Alerts cost money.  Probably fractions of a penny, but they add up.  Why wouldn't Cisco be motivated to restrict and limit alerts at every opportunity.  Why would they give us any choice in the matter.   It's not like they haven't thought about something as basic as network health alerts...then again? 

I have submit a wish concerning that kind of alert 2 years ago. My hopes are gone. I'm using the API as stated by Phil.

I made a wish for alerts on 95th percentile threshold crossing per link and alert for all thresholds like that crossed in network.
It does fall under performance monitoring rather than fault management though. Traditionally that's done by external monitoring systems.
SD-WAN solutions should have that threshold alerts though...
Maybe the only way is to make more and more wishes.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

For SD-WAN you can create traffic steering rules to prefer routes that don't have, for example, packet loss over 1%.  We created a rule that has excatly that setting and make our VDI traffic obey it as that really doesn't like packet loss.  When we have had tail circuit or provider core issues you can see the traffic all being steered to the other loss free link.

That's nice if you have 2 WANs to work with. 

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