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Hi all,


I have a user who just want to connect 2-3 Machine as a wired connectivity and 2-3 Devices which include just mobile phone as a wireless connectivity. Just to let you know the user is on NBN Fixed Wireless.



I am getting confused which one should i go for, No requirement for PoE ports. Customer will just check emails or browsing :-


1) MX64W

2) Z3C



Kind of a big deal

I have both an MX Security Appliance with the Advanced Security licence, and a Z3C.


The Z3C does not have all the options available with the Advanced Security licence. But it is still much better than most small routers. I take the Z3C with me when working away from the office or home, it is excellent and the LTE modem works well. I can plug the Z3C WAN Ethernet port into the RJ45 on those high speed trains with wired capability, otherwise the wireless connectivity is fine.


The MX will not handle those premium TV services that require an IGMP-Proxy on the router.


Whilst either device does the job well, it would be a premium-priced solution, given the need for ongoing licences as well as the original purchase cost. I use them, and other manufacturers' kit, because I am in the business, if I weren't I'd probably save some money and put it towards Netflix subscriptions.

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Kind of a big deal

I only run Meraki at home because I got a kit of gear from doing the CMNA program, and I use said gear to lab some things up.


I don't think I'd recommend it for someone who is just a typical home user. The cost outlay is significant. It's good gear, but it's not always the right answer.

Kind of a big deal

I'm with @Nash ^^


That said, the Z3C is a teleworker device. It's meant to connect a remote user back to their corporate network. the MX is a standalone firewall. That should guide your choice.

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If your customer is not in need of a full fledged firewall Z3C shall be fine.


Kind of a big deal

If you need LTE capabilitiy then Z3C

If you don't need LTE capability then Z3

If you do need content filtering then MX64


From a sizing perspective Z3 is the right choice, but if you need advanced license feature then MX is the recommended option. Either way I don't see a specific reason why you need Meraki, you may look into other vendors to keep the cost down.

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