Meraki MX Warm Spare LAN Port state


Meraki MX Warm Spare LAN Port state

Can the LAN Port of Meraki MX HA Warm Spare forward traffic if there is a connected device behind them? 
I need to connect a second firewall as a standby in HA mode active/standby behind the MX warm spare, and I need to confirm if the LAN Port is forwarding traffic while Meraki MX warm Spare is in a standby state.
Kind of a big deal

It forwards packets in the same VLAN at layer 2.  However, the layer 3 routing engine is only running on the "active" MX.

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As I understand it, you have a FW cluster behind an MX cluster.

In that scenario, it seems that you need to connect both firewalls to both MX'es (MX cluster does not operate in Active-Active scenario for simple routing purposes), otherwise, if your primary FW will crash while the primary MX will still be up nothing - good will happen. 

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