Meraki MX IPsec over a PPTP Tunnel ?

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Meraki MX IPsec over a PPTP Tunnel ?



We have a PPTP tunnel towards a datacenter we own, the tunnel is made in a router towards our datacenter, the Meraki is connected to that router and all of the internet is actually comin through that PPTP tunnel .


The Ipsec connects but doesn't learn any routes .. what might the problem be ? 


your help is highly appreciated 



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Are you talking about  the 3rd party vpn?

It does not learn routes dynamically

No, its not a 3rd party VPN, but the internet that feeds the Meraki itself is a tunneled internet, so Meraki shoudn't have any idea about that .


Everything in the Meraki MX is just the usual configuration default settings .

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

So your not learning routes in the autovpn? And on other sites  it works ?

Can you test mtu size from a client at the router 

ping -l 1472 -f


Correct ! we can't learn the routes through the autovpn, and you are right about the MTU I went here just to get someone reaching this level, though .. the pptp tunnel handles 1450 Byte MTU that is correct, but I have used MRRU to increase the data that could be transmitted on the tunnel to 1600 Bytes, so I can easily ping packets with 1472 Byte size normally now .


Yet the issue is still the same we can't learn routes, I was thinking to change the MTU size by contacting Meraki but I don't have access to the customer's portal, and I think the mrru is enough to fix the issue over the pptp link .


What do you think ?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I guess thats fine then.

Are you sure they setup the autovpn  routing  correct. Like bgp or select vlan to be in vpn.




Everything sure is correct, because if they use a different internet connection even cellular one, they just work fine . I don't even know where to troubleshoot .


To let you know the router making the pptp is a Mikrotik router .


The ping could go fine up to 1500 packet size 

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