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I am working on implementing either MX95 or MX105's with a Redundant one incase of failover. I originally came from the ASA world where both had to be actively on, with licenses etc. From my understanding in the Meraki world the second is in a passive state and when their is an outage then you make the second one active? Is this process of switching over to the second MX an auto fail over and if so how does the license situation come into this? I've been informed to only purchase a license for one MX and then if their is a failure you would then apply the license on the passive MX. 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Only 1 license needed. Both mx will be in one  network. The standby is passive and cant be used for lan routing untill its active

Failover will happen automatically.



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Only one license as the only HA option is active / passive, so only one device is forwarding traffic at any time. No changes to licensing needed when failing over either automatically or manually via the button in Dashboard.

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