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AnyConnect Client Version

It looks like the AnyConnect client version currently available for download from "Security & SD-WAN > Client VPN > AnyConnect Settings" in the Dashboard (as of this moment v4.10.00093) is several versions behind the latest AnyConnect client version available from Cisco.


Is there any intention to keep the AnyConnect client version available from the Meraki Dashboard up-to-date?


In my particular use-case, there are improvements in the newer version on macOS related to Apple Silicon compatibility (vpnagentd is an Intel-only binary in the version available from Meraki and thus requires Rosetta, which is less than desirable in some distribution scenarios).


Thanks for any insight!

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I think there is a reasonable chance Meraki will remove the download option from the portal long term.  It was mostly intended to help early adopters.


You may find it better to get it from the main Cisco repository: 


Thanks for the reply. I did check there beforehand, but that requires your Cisco ID to have a valid AnyConnect contract associated with it. I don't and am simply a Meraki customer with AnyConnect-capable and licensed MX devices.


Until Cisco and Meraki get the Cisco ID access to AnyConnect client downloads sorted out, Meraki should probably keep the client download links in the Dashboard updated with up-to-date client versions.

To use AnyConnect with Meraki you have to have purchase AnyConnect licences.  It's not included with anything you get with Meraki.  When you first enable AnyConnect on MX you get a warning telling you this which you have to accept before it can be enabled.


So once you legally purchase your AnyConnect licences you'll get access to the newer downloads ... 🙂

We haven't deployed AnyConnect client to users, but are looking at doing so. For others reading, check out this FAQ on the Meraki documentation site for licensing information on MX.


Also to note, I believe the initial modal you're referencing indicated that AnyConnect client was not something that came with additional cost while MX's AnyConnect client support was still in beta. It is still currently in beta, per the Dashboard:


Screen Shot 2022-02-11 at 11.18.25 PM.png


However, the point of the post isn't to dive into the licensing of AnyConnect client, but to have the links on the Dashboard updated so as to not point to an old version of AnyConnect client. Here's to hoping that happens 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

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