MX84 IP Address Conflict alerts

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MX84 IP Address Conflict alerts

An example of somewhat chronic error we are having with IP address conflict below. We have 2012 Std R2 server authorized as DHCP server and with a failover to another Windows 2012 Std R2 server which is replicating 100%.
"The security appliance in the Lombard - appliance network has detected an IP conflict with two or more devices.
The IP is claimed by clients with the following MAC addresses: 90:E7:C4:D8:77:00 98:E7:F4:27:90:BA"
We need to know if how Meraki determines the IP conflict and the sensitivity of it. This has been an on-going issue and we need to address if we will keep this alert or simply just disable it.  We are receiving 6 to 10 of this alerts daily and all coming from different MAC address mostly Android phones and laptop computers.

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Wonder if it's related to this:


We've had to turn off notifications due to the iOS issue.

That was also one of the discussion but our IP address scheme is not the same as most of the home network. We have a unique IP address and categorized as class A network. So far I have not seen any iOS device having this issue. Mostly android.
Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

What kind of devices are generating these alerts?  Windows 10 machines?  Mac's?  Android phones?

Mostly Androids and Windows 10 pro machines.

I know this is an old thread but we are having this exact issue.  Were you ever able to determine a root cause?

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