MX67W SSIDs on different frequency bands

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MX67W SSIDs on different frequency bands

MX67W set up with 2 x SSID. I would like option to set SSID1=2.4GHz band only, and SSID2=5GHz band only so I can be certain which device connects to which band. I believe this can be done on Meraki AP using RF Profiles, but I can't find a way of doing this on MX67W. Is there a workaround?

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Kind of a big deal

@RobertHughes I'm not sure if this can only be done on MR models but you might have to call support for them to enable 2.4 only. Again don't quote me on it but I'm not sure if this can only be done on the MRs and not the MX. Never asked.

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you can enable either the 5GHz and/or the 2.4GHz on a per AP basis in the RF Profiles.



See it in the documentation:


I am not sure if this is also possible in the MX67W as I do not have such an MX. But i would expect it.

So on a per AP basis you can do it.


In your case you would need to go on a per SSID, where you can choose either dual band or 5GHZ only.

So I would try to implement one SSID with only 5GHZ.

The second I would try to configure dual band and just unassign all the channels of the 5GHz.


I am not sure if this will work...but I would try to do it this way.

hope it helps



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@rwiesmann the mxw has no rf profiles like mr

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@ww thanks for the I do not have an MXw I did not know that RF Profiles do not work there. Thanks for the info.

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Z3 and MX wireless options are fairly limited when comparing to the MR APs. As others said, it doesn't have all these options.


If you need anything beyond basic SSID/wireless features you will want to go the traditional AP route (MR).


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